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Coyote Sightings in Subdivision

The following message is from a homeowner in Boca Raton Section One.

Suburban Coyotes

Dear HOA,

First let me state that I am not trying to scare anyone. However, a situation has come to my attention that needs to be shared. A couple of weeks ago on Tuesday (garbage night) I was outside around 3:30 am with my children trying to determine what our dogs were tearing up in the backyard. Thankfully what we heard had nothing to do with the following. One of my kids heard a strange noise, thought it was a cat in trouble, and went to investigate. When he arrived at the ditch on Sarasota, between addresses 2509 and 2601 (I believe) he saw 3 coyotes eating a cat.

He ran home and, in details I don't care to repeat, told me what he saw.One of his friends, that was spending the night, wanted to go home to check on his cat to make sure it was inside. On his way home, he saw a 4th coyote walking down the middle of Pensacola near the ditch.

I called the Coyote Nuisance Hotline in Austin and discussed this situation with one of their professionals. Along with the attached document, she told me the following:

  • They need three essential things for survival: food, water, & shelter.

Food: They prey on cats, squirrels, small dogs and are particularly drawn to yappy dogs.  They eat compost, fruit, and garbage. They will also eat cat and dog food.

Water: Ditches, retention ponds, sand pits, any water for pets, etc.

Shelter: See article - what caught my attention is that they like to live in storm drains,  but are most likely living in the field behind our neighborhood, and their den is most likely within 1/4-1/2 mile from our homes!

She told me that as they become domesticated, we become desensitized to them. Instead of throwing something at them when we see them, we say "oh look, coyotes!" She told me that we need to throw rocks at them, yell, scare them and do whatever it takes so they remember that we are not friendly. Apparently what happens is that they get comfortable with us and confuse with their prey and will start attacking.

We need to fence in animals and keep them inside fences or homes at night. We need to take protection when walking - like a big stick. If walking animals at night, take a big stick and someone else.

I called our Animal Control to discuss this and thus far, they have not returned my call. Please pass this on to all our neighbors in Boca Raton 1 and Boca Raton 2.

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