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Finding City Records - Did you know?

The message below comes courtesy of Friendswood City Councilwoman Deirdre Carey Brown.

Did you know finding City Records and other government records online can be pretty easy for many records?  Have you ever wondered what records Council Members are reviewing during a meeting and did you know many of them can be accessed online?  Did you know you can find land records online, too? Do you know how to find and navigate the city code?  Do you know the difference between the City Code and City Charter?

Because we get numerous open records requests and people routinely ask me where to find records, I thought it would make sense to offer a class showing people how to find records online.

This email is to see if there is anyone interested in learning how to find information online in a quick hour or two hour class. If you have any interest, please email me back to get an idea on the interest.  The class would be scheduled in late October or early November.  Please forward to anyone else you know in Friendswood interested in City issues to see if they have any interest.


Best Regards --

Deirdre Carey Brown

City Councilmember Position No. 6

832-367-5722 (cell)

713-615-8507 (work)

This e-mail contains thoughts and opinions of Deirdre Carey Brown and does not represent official city policy or an official decision or view of Friendswood City Council.  Nothing herein is a directive or orders to staff, City officers, the public or any other party although there may be requests for information, suggested actions and other inquiries. Any response to this e-mail is at the sole discretion of the recipient.  Nothing herein is confidential and communications with councilmembers are subject to the open records laws, with the exception of any correspondence that would be deemed confidential under other applicable law.

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