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Section 2 Community Pool

In the past, Section 2 has opened up their Pool Membership to Section 1 for a yearly fee.  This year, due to unforeseen circumstances, they have chosen not to offer this option.

Their pool is in need of massive repairs, and it does not appear that they have the funds in their reserve budget to handle this large expense.  As such, they are trying to limit the amount of usage of the pool until the funds are raised and repairs are completed.  Although they have not discussed having our residents participate in paying for the pool repairs, they are not interested in our homeowners having any ownership rights to the pool. 

Additionally, they have stated that last year there were many issues with underage kids swimming unsupervised, which could lead to a big liability issue for their subdivision.  Their board was told that these kids were from Section 1.  This also has played a role in their decision to not open memberships up this year, due to the lability concern and overcrowding issue.

As we hear of any updates, we will notify our homeowners, however, in order to protect our subdivision from liability as well, all agreements made to use Section 2's pool will need to be made between our homeowners and their HOA Board.

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