Welcome to the Boca Raton Section One
Homeowners' Association

* HOA Notary Service
HOA Treasurer Charles Prendergast is a Texas Notary Public.  Charles will provide notary services to HOA
members without charge.  Call 281-992-0906 or EMAIL Charles here for an appointment.

Foundation Watering Tips

Expansive soils act like a sponge. As they absorb water, they swell and as they lose water they shrink. Soils tend to dry out (and shrink) during the summer To help eliminate or minimize foundation issues, you may consider using a soaker hose to help maintain a constant moisture content under your foundation. The best way to use a soaker hose is to bury a soaker hose three inches deep, 6 inches from the edge of your foundation. Placing the hose a short distance from the foundation allows the water to soak into the soil evenly.

Chinch Bugs

Another unwelcome by-product of the drought is a serious insect infestation in our lawns. Misidentifying dead grass as drought damage can result in quickly losing your entire lawn. A well watered lawn is the best way to keep chinch bugs at bay, but if you have already been infested, you can limit their damage by treating the problem today!


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